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Warehousing Monitoring Systems

24/7 Online Security, Real-time Recording

Storage yards require all year round live video monitoring. With hundreds of stalls, patrons and staff working in these yards with several foot traffic temporarily accessing the premises year round, safety and real-time evidence of every single walk-in and walk-out and around the compound is very vital. This also ensures human safety and prevents theft, arson, accidental fire etc. VTG Security provides enhanced security customized for each storage yard and even tailored installations for the different blocks, units and corridors with pixel perfect video surveillance solutions whiles adhering to privacy rules and code of surveillance.

Minimizing On-site Security Costs

Having a Live Video Monitoring system is very vital to curtailing suspicious activities all year round at a much lower cost in contrast to uniformed security.
VTG Security works real-time to capture and record events with secure storage of footage of all incidents and activities which on-site security may not be aware of. On-site security cannot always comb through 1000s of hours of footage when an investigation is required. With our online operators monitoring every activity, specific timelines notes are always documented to easily find evidence to turn to the appropriate authorities and as evidence in court.
Even for storage yards where there are drive-by patrols, being present to control every single possible incident is not realistic. Sometimes the time-frame between a patrol unit leaving the premises and a perpetrator showing takes a fraction of a second. The security personnel on the storage yard premises instantly requires enough intel to effectively make the right call and judgement.

Minimize Loitering & Trespassing

Our monitoring team adheres to scripts provided by the security protocol to politely communicate with individuals via the 2-way communication devices installed at vantage points of the building to desist from loitering. In instances where the individual decides to do otherwise, VTG Security operators will call police directly or call to dispatch any available uniformed on-site security. We also store footage and record timelines to property superintendents and enough evidence to identify on-site perpetrators.

Deterrent Against Vandalism at Entrances

Vandalized entrance gates cost a lot of money to replace. It is vital to have a Live Monitoring system which easily alerts our operators of a pending destruction at the office building entrance even before it happens. VTG Security uses our crime deterrent 2-way communication device to warn trespassers and also let them know the police was alerted several minutes before they even got to the building.

Storage Facilities Live Video Security & Access Control Benefits:

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