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With large fleets being on the road for long periods of time, often covering backroads and interstates alike, it’s important that you know exactly what’s going on both inside and around your vehicles - at all times. There is the common risk of vehicle collisions, especially if safety measures are not considered. In addition to driver safety issues and property damage, vehicle collisions can cripple businesses with skyrocketing insurance rates. With an in-vehicle video system, you can reduce the risk of collision, better protect your drivers and vehicles, and ultimately reduce financial risk for your organization.


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Support High Safety Standards to Reduce Costs

The most common vehicle collisions occur due to human error. Safety standards and training can only take fleet management companies so far once drivers are on the road. With artificial intelligence, driver behavior can be monitored, with real-time alerts that are triggered during unsafe driving behavior. These driver alerts help mitigate risks for considerable fleet management savings. Live stream, watch historical video, or simply see event-triggered footage for comprehensive, customized training, accident investigation support, and negotiating insurance premiums.

Key Features and Functionality

In-vehicle video enabled with artificial intelligence is the most comprehensive safety solution on the market. By leveraging artificial vision, driver behavior is monitored, and state-of-the-art equipment sends real-time alerts to prevent accidents. With the Position Logic complete in-vehicle video solution, unsafe driving is monitored and captured, and video can be streamed, stored, and viewed, all in one place on the intuitive platform.


AI-enabled vehicle video can monitor the following driver behaviors:


  • Driver falling asleep
  • Smoking
  • Distracted driving
  • Cell phone use
  • Unsafe lane departure
  • Following too closely

Key Benefits

Position Logic’s In-Vehicle Video is a powerful tool that enables the most comprehensive safety solution in the fleet industry. Mitigate risk by monitoring common driver behaviors that contribute to the most collisions to save money in the long run.

Insurance premiums

Accidents can cause insurance premiums to skyrocket. With premiums already experiencing a natural inflation over time, manage your costs by preventing collisions that affect your bottom line.

Accident investigations

When an accident happens, it takes your vehicles off the road for days or weeks, depending on the severity of the collision. By providing high-quality video, investigations can be conducted faster, and from a liability standpoint, video may clear your fleet company if your driver was not at fault.

Personnel red tape

Accidents on the job leave your company liable to provide workers’ compensation and reduces your workforce as drivers recover from injuries in accidents. With higher safety standards and fewer accidents, logistics hassles become less common.

Long-term cost savings

Accident settlements can run into the thousands or millions, depending on the type of accident. That kind of money can gravely impact fleet management companies and send your profits reeling. By shoring up safety, these costly accidents can be significantly reduced.

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