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Whether it’s vehicles, individuals, or assets, our full-featured Location-Based Services solutions will improve operational efficiencies, augment regulatory compliance, as well as enhance security and worker safety. Our LBS solutions - designed with simplicity and the user in mind - can offer the broad set of innovative features needed to address the needs of businesses across many industries while also providing a truly practical and cost-effective path to tracking and managing the resources that matter most to your organization.


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Adaptable Solutions Create An Advantage

To achieve maximum productivity from vehicles, people, and mobile assets – while ensuring their safety and security – managers must have actionable real-time intelligence on the location and status of their resources at any point in time. However, creating an effective LBS solution means navigating a highly complex IoT ecosystem to evaluate, procure, and integrate the best mix of devices, connectivity technologies, and applications. We help optimize this process by offering full-featured location-based services solutions that can be tailored to the needs of each and every one of your customers.


Our vast set of feature-rich capabilities suit organizations of all sizes and budgets. Now it’s feasible for fleet managers and business owners alike to get a holistic view of their own specific asset data including:


  • Equipment – fuel usage, service hours, and maintenance
  • People – driver behavior, regulatory compliance, and time cards
  • Places – address, routing, and geo-fence
  • Jobs – workflow, work time, and schedules

Key Features And Functionalities

Full-featured location-based services solutions from Position Logic create a competitive advantage with rich feature sets. These solutions are designed to help fleet, operational, and dispatch managers track, monitor, and manage vehicles, assets, and individuals with one comprehensive solution.


    • API Integration – benefit from value-added functionality offered by our integration partners, and easily integrate new capabilities with our professional services
    • Web Services – securely access, create, and modify information within the LBS solution based on access permissions
    • Data Recovery – recover historical, archived, or lost data quickly and easily via professional services
    • Workflow – enable dispatchers to monitor driver routes and add new locations in real-time
    • Application Store – access and integrate optional modules to meet your unique business needs
    • Points of Interest – set notifications and historical record-keeping of entry and exit into specified locations
    • Map Layering – integrate overlay maps with more detailed information than standard maps
    • Configurable Development – integrate tracking devices from your choice of manufacturer

Key Benefits

Accommodating your specific business needs, full-featured location-based services solutions from Position Logic enable powerful, real-time alerts and notifications to be triggered by any specified data set received by tracking devices and delivered via the user interface, text, or email. With that type insight at their fingertips, fleet managers or other business leaders can make better, faster decisions that streamline operations, reduce costs, and generate efficiencies. Our solutions are also compatible with devices from all popular hardware manufacturers and support configurable white labeling and branding for the perfect fit for each customer.

Perfect Match to Your Unique Requirements

Our flexible and configurable solutions can deliver any level of versatility your business demands for vehicle location tracking, fleet management, and personal and asset location tracking. Our LBS solutions are pre-integrated with tracking devices from a range of leading hardware manufacturers and Tier 1 cellular operators. We accommodate comprehensive, full-featured solutions that require no software installation, and our white label offerings let you independently brand your LBS solution to suit your unique business model.

Sharper Competitive Edge

When business success depends on distinguishing yourself from the norm, our professional services can be the critical ingredients for breaking away from the pack. We have experience with the latest technologies and best practices of location tracking and monitoring.

Actionable Intelligence

Granular data and increased visibility into fleets and assets lets your customers plan and schedule trips for maximum efficiency and resource allocation, using optimal routes to save time and money. Valuable data also helps to reduce driver and vehicle downtime, and with better visibility into the location of vehicles, people, and assets, businesses mitigate the risk posed by losses and theft to improve overall security and safety.

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