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Organizations that transport high-quality, valuable goods often lack visibility into the vehicle or trailer once the shipment leaves its origin. In fact, approximately 40% of trailer space is underutilized and $60 trillion in goods is lost globally in annual theft. Without proper insight into the capacity and conditions of containers and trailers, it’s difficult for fleet managers to ensure each trip achieves maximum efficiency for productivity and revenue. In order to maximize profitability, fleet managers need real-time intelligence regarding capacity, status, and environment of their trailers and containers– otherwise, significant financial losses may occur. That’s where Position Logic’s Cargo Monitoring Solutions make a difference, by providing real-time visibility of cargo containers on-the-go or in storage.


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With a variety of sensor readings, Position Logic’s Cargo Monitoring Solutions deliver critical information about the status, condition, and security of your fleet needed to ensure a safe, secure, and efficient journey. Our solutions leverage best-in-class monitoring devices that measure container temperature and humidity, while also providing automated alerts should intrusions or tampering be detected. Our solutions also measure container utilization to ensure you benefit from highly efficient transportation of goods and services. All accessible within a centralized LBS platform with both 3G and 4G LTE options available, all of our devices include:


  • Quick and simple installation that takes less than 10 minutes
  • Ruggedized, military-grade design with no external wiring to withstand harsh conditions
  • Long-lasting battery life of up to six years for long-term implementation
  • Extensive coverage with an RF antenna design for geographically diverse operations

Key Features and Functionality

Cargo monitoring solutions play a significant role in ensuring optimal conditions, utilization, and security for productive cargo transportation. An advanced set of features that provide real-time data enable fleet managers to know what’s going on wherever your cargo is located. Our comprehensive, easy-to-use solution provides all of the information you need to effectively monitor and manage your cargo.


  • Location Detection – achieve full visibility into the exact location of cargo throughout the entire journey, ensuring on-time delivery and shipment security
  • Start/Stop – view data on the number of stops and the duration of each to eliminate downtime
  • Mileage – review information about distance traveled throughout the shipment lifecycle to uncover valuable business intelligence
  • Door Events Status and Alerts – know when cargo doors are opened and closed for enhanced security
  • Container Capacity Sensors – see how much capacity is available in cargo containers to ensure optimal space utilization
  • Environmental Condition Alerts – monitor temperature, humidity, and pressure to achieve quality assurance

Key Benefits

Position Logic’s Cargo Monitoring Solutions are a powerful tools that enable fleet managers to control shipments as they move across the country. In doing so, they can reduce issues associated with cargo handling, utilization, and travel efficiency. With detailed, real-time visibility, you gain the control you need when it comes to the movement and storage of valuable goods and merchandise.

Enhanced Security

Decrease risk of lost or stolen goods with the ability to see where vehicles stop and for how long. You’ll also be able to detect if doors are opened before the vehicle reaches its destination and take quick action if needed.

Efficient Use of Cargo Space

Maximize the productivity of each trip by remotely measuring empty cargo space. In cases where space is underutilized, fleet managers can make real-time decisions to divert vehicles to pick up or deliver additional goods along the way.

Elevated Customer Satisfaction

Deliver goods on time that meet the highest quality of standards. If you continue to meet your customers’ deadlines while protecting their precious cargo, you’ll earn their trust and their business while differentiating yourself from the competition.

Increased Profitability

Avoid financial loss associated with cargo tampering, theft, and damage to goods. In doing so, you’ll create a positive impact on the organization’s bottom line.

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