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Security Solutions - Senior Housing (CHSLD)

Keeping your staff and patients safe

We know that creating a safe and secure environment for staff, residents and visitors is at the core of what you do. iMotion’s security solutions gives you peace of mind that your facility is efficiently managed; creating a safe and secure environment for people to work, live and visit.

Senior Housing Solutions - Keep people safe

Keeping people safe is at the core of the iMotion solution. From securing rooms, managing access to drugs, to ensuring rapid response with integrated paging systems, iMotion has a range of security solutions that are proven in the aged care industry.

Keep staff and residents safe

Access control solutions by Gallagher, one of our strategic partners, allow you to intelligently manage staff and resident movements.

• Independent living facilities can effectively operate a “one-card” access system where residents can use their unit/apartment access card for entry to other areas of the complex.

• Lost or previously issued cards can be promptly cancelled, greatly reducing the risk of unauthorised access to a resident’s personal accommodation.

Security for Elderly Care Institutions - Keep high-risk patients safe

We deliver solutions for heavily regulated and high-risk industries and our technology is well suited to keeping high-risk patients safe.

• Detect and track the location of wandering patients across high-risk units and dementia wards

• Ability to evacuate or lock down the whole or portion of the facility – lockdown specific areas or the complete building in the event of an emergency, especially handy on wards where there are wandering patients.

Senior Housing - Visitor Management - Keep visitors safe

Ensure people only have access to areas they are qualified to be in, and effectively manage compliance with your organizational policies and government regulations.

• Manage visitor and contractor access on and off-site, including updating visitor details, capturing photos, printing visitor labels, assigning escorts and access cards.

• Ensure people are in the right place at the right time, and visiting times are adhered to

Protect hazardous goods and valuable possessions

Using Gallagher’s industry-leading integrated security platform, we are capable of meeting the additional risks and challenges faced in care-environments, including on-site hospital wings, medical and drug supply rooms, dementia units, and potentially vulnerable residents.

• Access to specific areas can be based on enrolment or HR information, or individual competencies including inductions, licences, training, and qualifications.
• Supervise access to designated areas with intelligent alarm monitoring and advanced site map functionality.
• Restrict unauthorized access to high-risk areas such as medical and drug supply rooms, hospital wings and high-dependency units.
• Use zone counting to monitor the number of people in an area at any time.
• Secure staff lockers with Command Centre’s intelligent locker management.

Optimize facility use

Gallagher Command Centre allows you to efficiently manage multiple sites and buildings, each with different requirements, from one centralized system. These solutions reduce unnecessary costs by optimizing facility use and lowering energy consumption.


Business efficiency and cost savings

Integrated security solutions allow you to manage site security, control building management systems, and increase system efficiency – reducing operational and training costs, energy use, and utility costs.

• Economically secure a large number of independent doors with wireless accommodation locking systems.
• Reduce energy consumption through interfaces with lighting, heating, and ventilation systems, lock or unlock rooms, and activate room services such as lighting and air conditioning based on scheduled bookings.
• Significantly reduce costs through automation by managing cameras, electronic gates and car park lighting through Command Centre.
• Monitor and control HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), air quality and other building management systems using the BACnet protocol.

Simplify administration

Simplified administration processes save time and money, while improving staff productivity – freeing them to spend more time with residents.

• Access to hospital rooms, elevators, accommodation, parking, lockers, printing facilities, meeting rooms and common use areas can all be efficiently managed from one central system.
• Use Gallagher’s Mobile Connect app just like an access card or distribute Photo ID and encoded access cards prior to move-in, so that residents and staff are automatically granted access on arrival – keeping up with the demands of many moving staff.
• Moving to a single card solution reduces expenses associated with storage and replacement of lost resident access cards, ID cards, and keys.

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