Personal and Asset Location Tracking

Track and Manage Resources - Anywhere, Anytime

Whether you’re tracking employees, patients, or valuable assets, knowing their location is key to ensuring personal safety, protecting valuable resources, and improving worker productivity. It’s not only important to know whether they make it to their intended destination, but it’s also valuable to know where they are in-transit. That’s where our Personal and Asset Location Tracking solution makes a difference. It delivers actionable intelligence so you can effectively manage people and assets on the move.
  • Personal and asset location-tracking application
  • Managed network connectivity from your choice of Tier 1 cellular operators
  • Tracking devices from your choice of supported manufacturers

Key Features and Functionalities

Real-time location tracking capabilities can help you improve resource utilization, drive operational efficiencies, and ensure safety and security. Our comprehensive, plug-and-play offering simplifies deployment and ongoing operational management.

Our location-based services solution gives you the power to see where your people and assets are at all times. With real-time location data, geo-fencing, notifications, historical data, reporting, mobile applications, and white-label branding, you can make better decisions, improve efficiency, and protect your assets.

Key Benefits

Position Logic’s Personal and Asset Location Tracking solution integrates tracking devices, cellular network connectivity, and a location tracking application to accurately track the precise location of people and assets around the clock.

Increased Productivity

Raises utilization rates of resources and assets by verifying if they arrive at the right place at the right time.

Improved Efficiency

Reduces downtime by enabling informed decision-making on optimal schedules and routes as resources, patients, employees, or assets travel.

Enhanced Security and Safety

Lowers risk of lost and stolen assets by tracking their locations, and ensures continuous access to real- time location data for employees, loved ones, or patients.

Easy Implementation

Eliminates the need for internal technical resources to procure and deploy devices, connectivity, and software, thereby reducing costs.

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