Fleet Management

Take Control Of Your Fleet With Ease

Position Logic’s Fleet Management solution gives you the power to see your fleet in real time. With this information, you can make better decisions about how to use your vehicles, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and protect your assets. Our turnkey solution is easy to use and manage, so you can focus on what’s important.

Key Features And Functionalities

Our fleet management solution provides real-time insight into the location and status of vehicles and drivers. With advanced features like street view, driver behavior monitoring, vehicle maintenance scheduling, fuel estimates, and fuel sensor devices, we help your business and drivers move in the right direction.


When fleet managers take advantage of the advanced features and functionality in the Position Logic Fleet Management offering, they are equipped with all of the tools they need to enhance operational efficiencies, ensure customer satisfaction, and improve safety.

Reduced Costs

When vehicles in your fleet require unexpected maintenance, there is a significant cost associated with the consequential downtime. With the advanced telematics capabilities, maintenance can be scheduled in advance based on time, engine hours, or odometer readings. With scheduled upkeep, the cost and downtime can be planned for and integrated into daily operations. If a vehicle is stolen, our location-based tracking application enables you to collaborate with law enforcement to recover the vehicle quickly.

Increased Productivity and Operational Efficiency

With advanced telematics and availability of real-time data, fleet managers are able to make informed decisions about trip scheduling so they can choose the best and shortest routes. When a driver is able to get to his destination faster, the fleet is able to complete its trip more efficiently, which leads to increased productivity and ultimately, customer satisfaction.

Regulatory Compliance

Because your organization needs to comply with federal mandates, you must be able to easily retrieve and access certain data sets. With this insight, you can more easily abide by demanding fleet management regulations.

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