Gate & Access Control

Online Security Access Control

Unlawful entry at gates can lead to criminal elements causing damage and loss on the complex – this eventually leads to considerable amount of time and money. VTG Security’s monitoring staff are trained specifically to allow or deny access at entrances to sites, plants, office buildings, hospitals, banks etc.

Currently, VTG Security’s video monitoring team watch every incident in real-time. They can detect perpetrators even before they begin their activities as they approach the perimeter. Employing several audio deterrents and voice down audio to report to the police when a trespasser is approaching, they are able to curb several crimes before they happen.


VTG has built a proud reputation as dependable and progressive security technology specialists. Since it was forming founded in 2005, we have established ourselves as one of Ontario’s leading provider due to our ability to deliver state- of- the art, first-class security technology solutions and friendly, personalized service with top of the line brands in the business.


Our comprehensive tools, including forensic site analysis, improve security effectiveness, reduce false alarms, prevent crime before it happens, and manage the unavoidable, providing clients with true peace of mind.


High-definition smart technology and highly trained agents significantly reduce traditional security costs by replacing outdated and ineffective security methods. Remote guarding becomes a force multiplier of security allowing our clients to save considerably on their security solutions.


Working directly with local law enforcement and police we create partnerships that directly support crime scene first responders to ensure the fastest possible response from law enforcement.


Easy-to-use video systems that record 24/7 prevent frivolous lawsuits, reduce guesswork and increase evidence against false employee or worker compensation claims.

Entry & Exit Remote Control

Our monitoring staff remotely ensures that everyone on site is compliant access rules. Site liability is a growing concern, especially now companies are being held liable for anyone failing to follow industry guidelines on premises.

Additionally, recording and archiving site activities can prove useful when dealing with unlawful entry and exit during incidents such as on-site injury claims or accidents especially where insurance is concerned

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