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Remote Access Management

Access Control and Security Gate

Optimize the security of your commercial or industrial site with a remote Gate control solution from VTG.

Many businesses use security guards to monitor the ingress and egress of gates and barriers, a task typically performed by an on-site security guard. With our video surveillance system, our Monitoring Central operators can perform the same functions, but at a fraction of the cost.

Our customized solution allows you to monitor the entrances and exits of your site to deter crime and ensure the safety of employees and visitors.

Customized management of Remote Access

VTG’s Access management service means that our central operators can quickly manage requests and control access to your site, completely remotely. Through our access management platform, linked to video surveillance, we can, for example, authorize access to an employee, following visual confirmation of his identity.

The use of an intercom system can also allow our operators to communicate with any visitor or delivery person and ask them about the purpose of their visit or the details of their delivery. This service is ideal for condo buildings, commercial properties, transportation and logistics companies or any other type of business that would like to take advantage of such surveillance technology.

Transport & logistics Access Solutions

A challenge for any transportation and logistics company is the management of its own personnel and drivers. Our Enterprise level access control solution can monitor vehicle arrivals and departures as well as track any movement on your site. Thanks to strategically placed cameras, our system can verify and validate drivers as soon as they arrive, making sure that the images are time-stamped and stored, thus facilitating on-site checks and the generation of daily reports. The system will be able to follow the activity of the drivers in real time while they are on site and verify their identity again upon exit.

Enhanced Security & Surveillance

Today, access control systems do much more than simply lock and unlock doors. They provide users with a convenient way to manage their employees and any activity in the building and on their site. Our access solution, a centralized platform that gives you unparalleled control over every aspect of your site.

Fully configurable to meet the unique needs of your site, our solution provides centralized site visibility and monitoring to improve awareness of all activity taking place in monitored areas. Everything that happens at the site is relayed in real time to operators in our command center, enabling a rapid and accurate response to security threats. Seamless integration with complementary security and site management solutions creates smarter, more cost-effective ways to operate. Flexible, advanced auditing and reporting allows you to retrieve data and make operational decisions with greater accuracy.

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