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Project Team

VTG Security is a security company that works with you to understand your needs and budget. We then design and install a security system that’s tailored to you. We offer equipment financing and rental options, so you don’t have to pay upfront.

Our team of experts will assess your physical location and site, then design a security architecture that integrates with your facility. We deploy the latest in live video monitoring and online security to keep you safe.

We understand that every business is different, so we offer a variety of security solutions to meet your specific needs. Whether you need a basic security system to deter crime or a more sophisticated system to protect your valuable assets, we have a solution for you.

Design Process

Our design team utilizes its understanding of the design process, contract forms, construction procedure, procurement routes and industrial capabilities, to assist design teams in managing the design process through all phases of a project’s life. Our design teams implement management systems reflecting the preferred working method of their clients, protecting their interests while acting as a link with members of the client’s project team and the contractor. With this in mind, we are constantly looking for “Value Engineering” to offer our clients, reducing your costs, without reducing the specification or operating requirements. We understand that there has been a need to accurately communicate client and designer intentions to those carrying out the installation.

We also recognize the need to prepare appropriate specifications reflecting the contractual conditions. We ensure that the project specifications produced are tailored to internationally recognized formats that comply with all relevant national standards. Furthermore, we believe that the project design teams produce specifications that are geared to today’s modern systems requirements which reflect the aspiration and intent of our client.

From Analysis to full deployment

VTG occupies a unique position in Canada, as an integrator of comprehensive IP solutions. VTG favors standardized systems of its partner network, ensuring the durability, interoperability and scalability of all solutions implemented. Using a methodology of implementation focused on the optimization of results and costs, VTG enables its customers to move beyond the pilot and deploy full operational security solutions.

Able to combine all technologies using Internet protocols, VTG guides its clients in the implementation of solutions; From analysis to consulting to full deployment of the solution. Whether a IP video surveillance, an access control system, radio frequency identification (RFID) or all of these technologies combined on a single converged IP network; VTG is the total integration systems’ specialist. On each project, we set up a dedicated team to drive the development and implementation of your IP solutions:

Feasibility study
Definition of the needs, its solution, and recommendation for hardware solutions tailored to the operational constraints of each client.

Software Integration
Development of a software solution, integrating the existing information system. Our systems integrated IP video can be used for a multitude of applications simultaneously, for example, access control, radio frequency identification (RFID), building management systems, point of sale machines, automatic withdrawals, etc.

Evolutivity and flexibility
Your solutions can be extended by adding a simple and rapid new cameras, whether they are on the same site or a new remote site. Choose exactly what you need today and upgrade your system when your needs change.

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