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Evidence Preservation & Reporting

In the occurrence of any events when our team is monitoring any location for a client, they put together exact timelines of incidents that peak interest or preserves evidence. These data of recordings are delivered to the client with written notes laying out events of that day.


Reviewing Video footage requires pulling out hours of raw footage from multiple cameras and piecing together a seamless timeline of evidence or incident. This condensed version is not the only one we send to the client. We also store the raw footage especially in cases where evidence is required by police or court.


We make sure not to doctor evidence. Some of our live video monitoring capabilities such as object oriented video analytics enable the system to automatically look for humans and vehicles where humans and vehicles should not be located. This particular capability helps reduce the daunting task of chasing run away perpetrators.

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License Plate Recognition

This optimizes surveillance security, zooms in to capture license plate information for moving cars in view of any of the cameras, parking lots, drive-up windows and entry gates. This is how we collect data on new entrants or t returning vehicles of interest.

Facial Recognition

Just like license plate recognition, this capability allows our automated system to easily analyze, track and zoom in moving objects of human like behavior. It then lays out an outline to capture the objects face even in motion across the number of camera installed at several point. It allows our team to store data on regular visitors to the premise and new ones

Seamless Integration

Advancement in IP security allows our expert installation team to seamlessly integrate with existing access control and online security installations. This enables our team to add practical functionality thus widening the scope of security for any complex.



Our comprehensive tools, including forensic site analysis, improve security effectiveness, reduce false alarms, prevent crime before it happens, and manage the unavoidable, providing clients with true peace of mind.


High-definition smart technology and highly trained agents significantly reduce traditional security costs by replacing outdated and ineffective security methods. Remote guarding becomes a force multiplier of security allowing our clients to save considerably on their security solutions.


Working directly with local law enforcement and police we create partnerships that directly support crime scene first responders to ensure the fastest possible response from law enforcement.


Easy-to-use video systems that record 24/7 prevent frivolous lawsuits, reduce guesswork and increase evidence against false employee or worker compensation claims.

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VTG has built a proud reputation as dependable and progressive security technology specialists. Since it was forming founded in 2005, we have established ourselves as one of Ontario’s leading provider due to our ability to deliver state- of- the art, first-class security technology solutions and friendly, personalized service with top of the line brands in the business.

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