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With courier delivery, time is money. Never has the need for efficient and timely services been more in needed than in courier and messenger services. Most courier services promise 24 hours or express delivery. How do you make sure what you promised is delivered and the reputation of your company stays intact? This is where GPS tracking technology comes in. With GPS tracking devices for courier and messenger services, you can track your vehicles, manage fleet, communicate easily and help in quick and safe navigation. Logistics are made easy by employing the shortest route both in distance and time. And it doesn’t stop there, GPS technology also helps your company reduce its carbon footprint and reduce overhead costs. Here’s how you as a courier and messenger delivery company stand to benefit by adopting GPS tracking solutions.


  • GPS vehicle trackers determine accurate courier van location in real time and dispatch continuous feed and updates via satellite or cellular network. This information is continuously passed on to a central server where it is stored and can be retrieved at any time. Ensure a streamlined process of keeping up with demand by knowing exactly where your delivery vehicles are at all times.
  • Courier management GPS also integrates with traffic updates providing you with driving directions necessary to avoid obstacles and pileups along the way making sure that all deliveries are made on time. With a clearly defined map, highlighted driving directions to destination and an easy to use interface, reaching point B has never been easier.
  • GPS fleet trackers help in navigating through harsh environments and rugged terrains when visibility is poor
  • GPS tracking devices help you track vehicles in real time that not only help assess and diagnose vehicles’ location, but also vehicle condition.

How We Do It

  • Maximize fleet efficiency and Asset utilization by feeding routes into a dispatch system that makes reallocation of usage of assets easy and efficient.
  • Avoid overloading of courier vans by customizing GPS devices to calculate vehicle load. This will optimize vehicle performance in the long run and also speed up delivery.
  • Prevent theft by creating custom alerts, setting up geo-fences, activating engine shut down, and remotely auto locking doors.
  • Eliminate risky driving practices by viewing surveillance data. Receive continuous vehicle feeds via two-way audio, texting or camera to ensure more responsible driver behavior.
  • GPS trackers provide detailed delivery history logs. This will enable you to analyze driver efficiency and improve quality of service.
  • Improve Driver compliance and safety.
  • Immediately dispatch backup vehicles in case of van breakdown, ensuring that all packages are delivered on time.
  • By using the start/stop reporting feature, view exactly how much time spent at customer locations as well as overall log times. This way, you can prevent overtime billing.
  • Monitor fuel usage by activating fuel sensors. Reduce fuel costs by providing efficient routing and reducing engine idle time. By reducing the usage of fuel, there will be a steep drop in carbon emissions and other pollutants, giving your fleet the green advantage.
  • With accurate tracking and logs, fleet management leads to significant tax benefits
  • By using small GPS devices, you can also track individual packages and prevent them from getting lost in transit.

The Challenges

Though the benefits drastically outnumber the faults, here are a few challenges that the Courier & Messenger industry may encounter with respect to GPS technology


  • Most GPS systems run on battery. The older versions tracking systems are heavily dependent on Battery power.
  • With the staggering wealth of data generated up by GPS systems requires a great deal of understanding and requires some dedicated resources.
  • Costs of fully equipped GPS systems can become quite substantial for smaller fleets. And a fully integrated GPS system might not be cost efficient for some courier and messenger delivery companies.

The Solution

With awareness, improving technologies and informed choices these hurdles can soon be overcome.


  • Integrating GPS battery with courier fleet battery system or having a robust battery backup will solve the GPS system’s heavy need for battery power. Newer GPS devices have long battery life and higher capacity backup.
  • Large amounts of data can be customized back end to ensure that it is populated in a user friendly manner. GPS technology allows for an incredible level of customization to suit any business need.
  • Most GPS tracking equipment manufacturers provide consultancy services for upgrading your systems and do an analysis of your business to ascertain cost vs. efficiency benefits to help you zero down on the right type of GPS system for your fleet.



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High-definition smart technology and highly trained agents significantly reduce traditional security costs by replacing outdated and ineffective security methods. Remote guarding becomes a force multiplier of security allowing our clients to save considerably on their security solutions.


Working directly with local law enforcement and police we create partnerships that directly support crime scene first responders to ensure the fastest possible response from law enforcement.


Easy-to-use video systems that record 24/7 prevent frivolous lawsuits, reduce guesswork and increase evidence against false employee or worker compensation claims.

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