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Providing hotels with advanced electronic locking solutions and a range of tailored services for guest convenience and peace of mind.

Reimagining how hotels keep their guests and staff safe while ensuring the seamless flow of operations isn’t just a talking point. It’s one of our company’s defining values. From spearheading the latest advancements in contactless digital key functionality to pushing the limits on IoT connectivity and cloud-based innovation, ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions is committed to remaining at the forefront of innovation in order to fully serve the hotel security needs of both today and tomorrow.

Access Management Systems for Hotels

Whether for a largescale hotel brand or an independent boutique property, ensuring guest and staff safety means being able to manage who has access to onsite areas and when.

With ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions, empower your hotel business with the advanced technology it takes to ensure seamless room entry for guests and employees while safeguarding them against potential threats to their security. An access management system is what essentially serves as the beating heart behind modern hotel security access operations.

On-premise and Cloud-based Access Management Solutions

We believe that hoteliers should have a say over how to deploy an access management system in a way that fits their specific property needs. That’s why we remain the industry leaders in both on-premise and cloud-based access management innovation. Looking to connect either online or offline door locks? How about ensuring that your system continues to remain up-to-date against newly discovered threats or vulnerabilities? ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions with our access management platform options has always got your individual hotel security needs covered.

Features & Benefits of Vostio

Unlock the power of the cloud with Vostio Access Management and gain all of the advantages that come with the hotel industry’s next step in advanced security technology. providing with innovative guest access management services.

100% Cloud based

Thanks to its cloud server, Vostio Access Management is available 24/7, always up-to-date, secure and backed-up. Also features an advanced offline fallback mode, if internet service goes down.

Mobile Keys support

Ensure the mobile journey experience that aligns with the expectations of your hotel guests. Instantly compatible with Mobile Access, Vostio offers a range of digital key options.


Sidestepping the need for a manual, Vostio Access Management offers an intuitive experience that can be easily accessed with virtually any online-connected device.


Designed using AWS security best practices, Vostio Access Management safeguards all data and ensures system integrity with routine vulnerability reviews and security…

No local servers needed

Get rid of local servers that take up space, time and that represent additional yet avoidable costs. Vostio offers an effective solution to such issues while delivering secure and efficient operations.

Easy to integrate

With Vostio, 
compatibility come by design. Using just an API, Vostio can easily integrate with your PMS whether it be an on-premise or cloud-based platform.

5 Essential Security Features of Vostio Access Management

A hotel’s security operations can seem complex but with the right access management technology, hospitality professionals are able to seamlessly ensure total safety, efficiency and guest satisfaction.

Access Integrations

Many industry-leading solution providers are able to seamlessly integrate their platforms with ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions technology to provide clients with greater operational efficiency, enhanced revenue and maximum customer satisfaction.

Property Management


Mobile Access

Smart Room Systems


Parking Systems

Mobile Access for Hotels

llow your hotel guests to breeze by front desk check-in lines with Mobile Access. Setting a new standard in hotel stay convenience and safety, Mobile Access transforms guest devices into digital keys for both easy and secure access to guestrooms, building entrances, elevators, spa rooms and much, much more. Today’s hotel guests have high standards when it comes to being provided with fast and hassle-free service. With Mobile Access, let them know that instant convenience and satisfaction come as a standard from the moment they first arrive

A Solution That’s as Convenient as it is Secure Mobile Access may be known for redefining the concept of guest convenience, but that doesn’t mean that it makes any compromises on hotel safety and security. Engineered using ASSA ABLOY’s Seos key credential technology, Mobile Access ensures the seamless delivery of digital key and room number information via encrypted communication channels. Once a guest presents their device to the appropriate door lock, the same Seos technology is used to transmit digital key data to the lock reader- guaranteeing instant room access while minimizing the risk of unauthorized entry.

Mobile Access Made Easy

Providing your hotel guests with instant contactless room entry is easy with Mobile Access. Our digital key platform ensures that guests always receive a seamless, user-friendly and convenient experience, from the moment they first book, to when they arrive at their room, and all the way to when their stay ultimately ends.

Your iPhone and Apple Watch are now your room key

Unlock Your Door in a Second with Your iPhone or Apple Watch: With room key in Apple Wallet, guests can skip the lobby and access their rooms, elevators, and common spaces like the gym and the pool using just their iPhone or Apple Watch. It’s easy, convenient and private. Room key in Apple Wallet integrates into existing access control systems, is simple to distribute and manage, and takes advantage of the built-in security features of iPhone and Apple Watch.

Your room key. Now with less key:
With your room key in Apple Wallet, guests can skip the lobby and access their room without a physical key. That’s one less thing to carry.

Access, instantly:
With Express Mode, your guests don’t need to wake or unlock their iPhone or Apple Watch to use their room key in Apple Wallet.

Get in, even when your iPhone needs a charge:
If your guest’s iPhone needs a charge, their room key will still work for up to five hours with Power Reserve.

Room key security built in:
Room keys in Apple Wallet take full advantage of the privacy and security features built into iPhone and Apple Watch. They are stored on the device, which means Apple doesn’t see the places your staff or guests access, so data is private and secure. And if a guest misplaces their iPhone or Apple Watch, they can use the Find My app to lock and help locate their device and suspend their key or remotely erase the device and its keys.


Mobile Access isn’t hospitality’s first choice in a digital key solution just because we say it is. Our solution boasts multiple industry award wins serving as proof that when it comes adopting a digital key platform, Mobile Access is by far a cut above the rest.

NFC Innovation Awards 2022

World Travel Tech Awards

Hotel Tech Awards 2022

Hotel Tech Awards 2021

Hotel Tech Awards 2020

VingCard Series

ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions has been an industry pioneer & global brand for over 40 years. Combine guests’ experience & operational efficiency with our Award-winning hotel locks.

A Story Behind Every VingCard Hotel Door Lock

All innovation begins with a great story, and the history behind VingCard is certainly no different. It all started in 1974 when expert lock maker, Tor Sørnes, sought to increase hotel safety after his favorite singer was attacked by an intruder in her guestroom. The result was the launch of world’s first recodable door lock, a major milestone in hotel security able to create a unique key for each and every guest.

Today, that spirit of innovation lives on with VingCard continuing to remain at the forefront of the latest in hotel door lock design and technology.

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