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Your Trusted Security Tecchnogy Specialist In Ontario For 2 Decades!

VTG has built a proud reputation as dependable and progressive security technology specialists. Since it was forming founded in 2005, we have established ourselves as one of Ontario’s leading provider due to our ability to deliver state- of- the art, first-class security technology solutions and friendly, personalized service with top of the line brands in the business.

We provide security and business solutions for all types of industries including constructions sites, car dealerships, logistics operators, warehousing, manufacturing, retail and more.

All of our solutions are installed and maintained by our highly trained and experienced staff 365 days a year.

The VTG Advantage

With a team of trained professional operators who can monitor all areas of your site simultaneously, we believe that remote monitoring is the smart new way to secure any vulnerable site. At a fraction of the cost of using on-site security guards, our solutions are flexible, better suited, and so much more effective than using guards who can’t be everywhere at once to ensure adequate security for your facility. Our use of intelligent, real-time video surveillance systems provides instant visual confirmation, putting an end to false alarms.

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