Visionary Technology Group

Car Rental Tracking

Car rental is huge business. Everyone in the US at some point in their lives has rented a car at least once. Most car rentals take place in and around the airport.

Transportation & Logistics

From parking yards to in built truck video surveillance, we will equip you will premium surveillance monitoring.

Storage Yards

Property storage comes along with high insurance risks. We have reliable monitoring technology to protect you.

Office Buildings

Protecting the integrity of your office and logistics is very vital. Our monitoring is equipped for darkness.

Apartment Buildings

Our video monitoring captures every angle of the building. Corridors, outside the building, elevators etc.

Car Dealerships

Vehicle lot surveillance, facial recognition in the dark plus pixel monitoring capturing every detail.

Cannabis Industry

This highly volatile prone-to-theft booming industry requires the most effective monitoring and surveillance.

Construction Sites

24/7 surveillance monitoring with pixel perfect angle recording to protect all logistics, equipment and trucks.