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Security Systems for Car Dealerships

Real-time monitoring of your Vehicle inventory

Car dealerships have always been one of the most attractive targets for criminals. The high value of the inventory just “sitting” outside, make it an easy access for criminals.

VTG uses intelligent remote video surveillance to monitor car dealerships 24/7 from behind the scenes. Our LIVE Video Surveillance Monitoring Service can provide a cost-effective solution to protect against theft and vandalism. Protecting your vehicle inventory from thieves, vandals and other criminals is critical, making it the number one priority for any Car Dealership.

Switch to a more Proactive Security

Some Car dealers choose to use a combination of perimeter fencing, intrusion alarm system and basic video surveillance as their security solution. Even though these solutions can be used as a first line of defense, they are passive systems with multiple limitations. Fences can be easily breached, alarms can be bypassed, and simple security cameras provide evidence only after the fact.

VTG specializes in proactive monitoring that integrates directly with your security systems, old or new, to effectively detect intruders within your lot. Almost any installed video surveillance system can be used by our central station operators to verify if the alarm signal they received requires action or not. We are vigorously watching to keep your assets secure. When a thief enters the lot they are immediately audio challenged over the loudspeakers, quickly letting them know they have been identified and that they should move on before police arrive.

Strong Benefits

Our remote video monitoring services offer undeniable benefits. Choose VTG solutions for reliability, fast response times, system intelligence and powerful search capabilities.


Our solution is equipped with intelligent features that can analyze video footage in real-time, providing valuable insights.

Audio Deterrence

Our system can deter intruders with pre-recorded messages or live communication, adding an extra layer of security to your property.

Fast Response Time

Our Live Video Monitoring ensures a swift response, with alerts triggered within seconds of detecting suspicious activity.

24/7 Recording

With continuous recording, our system captures every moment, providing a comprehensive overview of activity on your property.

Police Intervention

In the event of a security breach, our system can immediately notify the authorities, ensuring a rapid response from law enforcement.

False Alarm Prevention

Our advanced technology minimizes false alarms, ensuring that alerts are triggered only by genuine threats, reducing unnecessary disruptions.

Video Evidence

Recorded footage serves as valuable evidence in the event of an incident, aiding in investigations and potential legal proceedings.

System Health Check

Our system conducts regular health checks to ensure optimal performance, providing peace of mind.

A known problem, the theft of Catalytic converters

Catalytic converters can be removed in less than two minutes with a simple tool. Then metal recycling centers buy them for up to $250 per unit! More and more thieves are taking advantage of this, so the number of reported catalytic converter thefts is increasing every year. Statistics show that less than 1,000 catalytic converters were stolen per year in 2017, while last year, in 2020, there was an alarming number of thefts, approaching 15,000 thefts annually.

Increased Security and loss reduction

Our surveillance systems, combined with state-of-the-art technology, machine learning and remote operators trained by security experts, are the most reliable video surveillance solutions on the market. Our real-time video surveillance service will protect you, your property and your assets.

We will keep your business safe, reducing the loss of merchandise, tools or the time and effort wasted by your employees cleaning up after a vandalism attack or burglary. We minimize your legal liability, allowing you to focus on your business operations.

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