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Cannabis Security Solutions

Secure Growing Facilities with Integrated Security

We offer complete Turn Key security solutions for the legal cannabis industry that will meet or exceed all licensing requirements. We will present you with a menu of security options and help you choose the right combination to balance your security needs with your budget.

Cannabis Industry Security & Compliance

VTG with a clear vision and mission can design a comprehensive security solution, that will ensure the protection of your cannabis sites. Our engineers have combined the best technologies of the largest and most serious manufacturers on the market. These technologies, once unified on a single platform, become a winning recipe for an industry which is in full effervescence and in constant evolution. In addition, our systems are designed to adapt to your production and expansion.

Cannabis Security Site Management

Protect your people and assets with enhanced site monitoring, situational awareness, alarm management, effective perimeter security, advanced reporting and flexible mobile solutions, all controlled across multiple sites from one powerful platform. You’ll have peace of mind with an intelligent security solution designed to ensure business continuity, create efficiencies, protect your assets and keep people safe.

Cannabis Industry Licensing Application & Regulatory Compliance

At VTG, we can help and guide you with your Cannabis License Application. Knowing what licenses are needed to start a dispensary can be a complex and difficult process, but obtaining the required licenses are definitely worth it in the long-run. They will give your dispensary the opportunity to grow with the booming cannabis industry and last in the long-term. Our team will use their knowledge and experience to offer the best strategy, thus ensuring that your application gets the best chance of being approved.

Cannabis Security Threat Assessment & Risk Management

The first step in a risk management program is a threat assessment. All Security threats that your company might face, will be cataloged and ranked according to probability and impact in order to determine which present the greatest threat – Our experts will then be able to assess and identify the relative likelihood of occurrence for each threat. The type of activity and/or assets present in your facility might also increase the general temptingness on possible targets.

Total Systems Integration

VTG Security offers the best cannabis security systems and solutions. Whether you are adding a cannabis dispensary into an existing building or starting from the ground up, it’s essential to integrate security at every stage of the operation.

Cannabis security system design is certainly your first line of defence against risks and threats. VTG understands the importance and uniqueness of your business as to coverage, requirements, and inspections and will work with you on providing the security you need.

Cannabis Security Remote Monitoring

VTG will provide 24H Live monitoring of your security systems, offering total protection against risks like intrusions, theft, equipment malfunctions and much more. We will also ensure that data gathered by your security systems is retained according to the guidelines set out by Health Canada.

VTG will also conduct constant health checks to ensure your systems are running smoothly and effectively. Our Remote Video Surveillance solutions will provide a combination of live video analytics and human supervision to provide a high level of security while minimizing costs and liability.

Cannabis Industry Guarding

If you need Security Guards for your cannabis dispensary, VTG and their trusted partners can provide well-trained, courteous and professional guards with experience in the cannabis industry. We provide highly trained individuals perfectly adapted to this industry, capable of analyzing a situation quickly and making sure the right actions are taken.

From short term site cover to on-going security guard contracts, at VTG we are able to provide tailored security solutions that meet your business needs.

Cannabis Security Video Site Evidence Package

The submission of a strong Video Site Evidence package is an important and critical component for a successful Federal Cannabis Application. It basically demonstrates to Health Canada, total compliance, and that your site is well-prepared and ready for operations.

VTG has a team of professionals who can guide you with this process. From the drone operators, narrators and video editors that will film your fully-functional site – our team of specialists will demonstrate the key aspects of your facility’s Good Production Practices (GPP) and Security features. Remember that the Video Site Evidence Package submission must be received by Health Canada before your application can even be considered – and this, within 10 business days following the submission of your “paper” application.

Secured Access

Whether you have one or multiple buildings to protect – regardless of the number of users, VTG Security provides flexible access solutions tailored to every customer’s different requirements: multi-site, multi-company, multi-station… Access control means checking that a person has the necessary clearance to enter an area, building or room. It helps organise human traffic inside a site and selectively manage access to different zones. In this way, sensitive areas can be restricted to identified users subject to predefined times, with all movements recorded in a log. VTG’s systems integrate every identification technology from the market’s major manufacturers (HID, Indala, etc…). Our technical expertise means we can analyse the badges you use today and recommend the solution best suited to your requirements.

Advanced Perimeter Security

We offer a range of advanced perimeter security solutions founded on two core principles: deterrence and detection. Configured and controlled using Gallagher Command Centre, our effective and reliable solutions can be managed and monitored across multiple sites from one central location. Our cost-effective monitored pulse fence system consists of a grid of energized, high tensile wires that can be constructed inside a new or existing perimeter fence. The monitored wires detect unauthorized entry or exit into defined areas and trigger instant alerts.

Intrusion Alarm

When it comes to protecting what you value most, the safety of your business and the people who depend on you, look to a security system for peace of mind. We know your facility is unique and so are your security concerns. We can work with you to tailor a system so flexible that it can meet your needs precisely. We can provide you with solutions that help protect your business from break-ins, unauthorized entry and internal theft. Our systems have the capacity to grow along with you – letting you seamlessly integrate video surveillance or access control as needed.

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